Dr. Ryan Hebert is a 45-year-old Choral Instructor and Organist at the University of Tampa. He has been working hard to keep music alive and strong while staying safe from the virus.

Ryan Hebert in front of Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values. Photo by Tori Weaver.

How many classes do you teach? What are they?

4 classes: Aural Skills (ear-training, music theory, and singing), Camerata (female ensemble, auditioned), Chamber Singers (mixed choral ensemble, auditioned), and Conducting (teaching students basic techniques of conducting a choir).

What is your favorite part of teaching chorus and why?

I love seeing students go beyond what they think they’re capable of. I like energizing people, and I enjoy teaching…

Kyle White is a 59 year old Dance Instructor at the University of Tampa. He is currently trying to teach Musical Theatre and Dance students to perform in the midst of a pandemic.

Kyle White in a dance studio at R.K. Bailey Art Studios. Photo by Victoria Weaver.

How many classes do you teach? What do they entail?

At UT, I teach two classes each semester. In the Fall I teach Ballroom Dance and Beginning Tap. …

Savannah Muron hung string lights up in her apartment in Tampa on Oct. 11. Photo by Tori Weaver.
Lily Wiggle took a picture of Dallis Williams for a photoshoot in Reeves Theater on Oct. 10. Photo by Tori Weaver
Two construction workers worked on the front of The Ferman Center for the Arts building on Oct. 6. Photo by Tori Weaver.

Paul Finocchiaro is a 57 year old Associate Professor of Theatre at the University of Tampa. He is currently directing a musical he wrote that will be performed in the Reeves Theatre on Nov. 6.

Paul Finocchiaro backstage at the Falk Theatre. Photo by Victoria Weaver.

Who/what inspired you to write this musical?

In an attempt to start my mother on a remembering journey, she’s 90, I wanted to talk to her about how she met my father and the story was so fascinating I just started writing down notes and that turned into a really interesting storyline for me.

Currently, it is just a school project, do you plan on…

Katelyn Weaver took a jump in her parents’ chilly pool on Sept. 12. Photo by Tori Weaver

Victoria Weaver

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